I’ve coached aspiring leaders at all levels be successful in bringing about essential changes to renew their spirits, that of their organizations and the communities in which they serve. And I love what I do!

About Me

Ever since I can remember I have been curious. Curious about people, far away places and travel. Curious to know why people say what they say, and do what they do. What drives them? What motivates them? What de-rails them? What are they passionate about? And why? Where does their creativity and vision come from? What makes them successful? What makes them fall short? And a whole host of other questions.

This same youthful intrigue took me travelling solo at an early age. I discovered amazing places; remarkable ordinary people doing some pretty amazing extra- ordinary stuff! I met folks of all ages, different walks of life, cultures and beliefs.

As I was on my own and on my own dime, I quickly learned to be independent, resourceful, resilient, adaptable, and empathetic. I learned what it truly means to be self-reliant. I learned to trust and use my instincts!

After my first of what was to be one of many travels, I returned to my native city of Montreal, finished my University Degree focusing my studies in Psychology and Languages, and choosing electives in Marketing. Living on my own and supporting myself while studying proved to be interesting with many and diverse job experiences. I did everything from waitress, bartend, work in sales and advertising, retail and airline customer service. I was even a Primary Customs Officer and translated for Immigration.

Enjoying a fulfilling career with Transport Canada in aviation traffic control, I was struck with a severe illness and came to a critical crossroad. During that same period of time, while working full time, raising two young daughters, and running a startup business, introducing a new landscaping concept and product in southern Ontario, I eventually burned out. I questioned how to prioritize my health, my family, my work, and my life in a way to create a hierarchy of what mattered most to me. And live my life accordingly.

In that period of transition, I hit the books again, returned to college worked on my counselling and ethics diploma. I also trained with Peer Resources, MHS, and Robert Fritz Inc. I reinvented myself. I found my passion and calling in the coaching profession. I discovered that I could successfully make a difference in the lives & performance of others. Along the way I was introduced to the field of Emotional Intelligence, a consistent and credible predictor of Leadership effectiveness and success, as well as a solid data point to coach through areas of derailment and blind spots.

For the past 17+ years, I’ve facilitated emerging leaders & entrepreneurial-minded individuals to discover their leadership potential. I’ve coached high level to mid-level leaders guiding them to balance what it means to lead in turbulent, fluctuating, unpredictable times while being culturally cognizant.

I’ve coached leadership teams aligning with their strategic goals and family owned businesses struggling with succession planning & sensitive family dynamics.