Creative Strategies Coaching doesn’t provide the answers, but it does shine the light in a direction that will help you find them for yourself. My services are presented on separate pages by category for the sheer purpose of providing quick reference to the depth of services. In most instances it is a combination of services and assessments that is required to achieve positive results.


Alignment of Roles

While a person can act in many different ways to satisfy the expectations of the many roles in their life - such as business person, parent, and mate – ultimately, there is only one individual at the core. That is why I do not believe that you can separate corporate and personal coaching. Developing methods to align these roles is very important.

Goal Setting

The framework used for creating results is based on the Creative Process™. Clients will be coached in how to effectively draft and articulate a clear and compelling Vision/goal/end result; coached in how to accurately define Current Reality; followed by intentionally setting up a discrepancy between what they want, and what actually exists. This discrepancy or “Structural Tension” gives way to seeking resolution by taking actions steps (or secondary goals) to support the Vision. Various structures which may stall, delay or could even lead you to “give up” will then be identified. Feedback and progress is provided on an ongoing basis.

Each Situation is Unique

Just like every person and company is unique, the coaching that is best suited to the situation, company or individual will be unique. One size definitely does not fit all. I will work closely with you to ensure that our coaching strategies taken are geared to achieve the specific goals that are set.