Workplace studies reveal a great deal of energy is wasted just in coping with getting through the day. Working together is not necessarily a beautiful thing. When employees become resigned and disconnected, it reduces their mental and spiritual capacity - that is the biggest cost to an organization. It silently drains profits, erodes trust and diminishes productivity. Relationships are at the center of everything we do.

I assist you, or your leaders, your managers, or your employees build trust where it may not exist or where it may have eroded. In using the principles of Emotional Intelligence an individual or group can immediately begin to have a better understanding of their team dynamics and behaviors, their dysfunctions and

where improvements in understanding and communication can be made. Introducing a Trust Modeltmas a platform will cut to the chase of why teams & individuals fail to build and maintain trust. The results of solid teams: greater trust & respect, enhanced productivity, collaboration, creativity, happier environment and a decrease in costs to your organization.

Team Building